4 Must-have music apps for your Android phone

• Hype! - I love building stuff, but being in a small independent team, there simply aren’t enough of us to make Hype Machine work on every platform out there. So we were thrilled to see Matt use our API to create a free Android app that lets you check out what’s new on the Hype Machine. Try it out, though I am obviously biased. :)

• Cloudskipper - Listening to music in the default Android player works for some, but frequently gets clumsy and limiting. The guys at Cloudskipper were frustrated with this and built something much more elegant and social. There is also a decent app from Winamp, if the old-school thunderbolt is dear to you.

• Rd.io - The team at Rd.io is building one of the best subscription services out there. For a small monthly fee, you can listen to as many records and tracks you want, from their library of millions, make playlists and check out what albums your friends are listening to. Legally, of course. They have a slick web player, but also an excellent Android app. If that wasn’t enough, they even have a Blackberry and an iPhone app.

• Soundcloud - You know that huge community of musicians, and audio enthusiasts that hangs out on Soundcloud.com? Well, you can dive right in on your Android phone. There is even an instant recording feature that quickly uploads what you capture, onto the site.