Say it now.

One year ago today, I lost my mom to leukemia.

A post on the web is not enough to capture any of what that’s like, but there is one positive thing that I’ve been coming back to many times since.

There were few things unsaid between us.  She allowed the space for me to share everything happening in my life, and shared a ton with me.  Still, however, unsaid things were occasionally discovered, and promptly shared during the intense 4 months of treatment.

One evening that summer, she called me while a big rainstorm was hiding Manhattan in omnious clouds. She wanted to talk about the time in 4th grade when I was taking a piano exam and she couldn’t make it to see the performance. She apologized, said she really wanted to come and felt that she let me down. I didn’t remember this moment or this exam at all, but it was very clear in her mind. I told her that I remember the times she supported me much better. After this quick 5 minute call we became yet another tiny bit closer.

I was lucky to tell her a few things too. 

Don’t leave much unsaid. Whatever is delaying you now will seem impressively unimportant soon. Pick up the phone, start writing - you and the recipient will both be surprised with what happens next.

You don’t have all day.

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