The fact that Kickstarter allows creators to take risks and attempt to create something ambitious is a feature, not a bug.

Accountability on Kickstarter (via @aweissman)

An excellent reminder on patience and ambition.  

Part of this whole “conflict” may also be coming from certain projects just being inappropriate for Kickstarter.  It’s pretty hard for people to understand how long it takes to prototype and then properly mass-produce a piece of consumer electronics (doesn’t it always just come from Amazon in 3 days???).

In fact, if you back a project on Kickstarter solely to receive some kind of iPhone accessory, you probably don’t understand Kickstarter in general.  It’s about the dream, and something larger, remember?

  1. lauraglu said: But most kickstarters and their rewards aren’t consumer electronics. How hard is it to produce a sticker? Or, in my case, a live concert - which I’d volunteered a yard for?
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